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Neuropathy Of The Feet Success Story

The Spring edition of the Pinellas Health Care News a special article about Neurogenx patient George Potprocky, a career firefighter who retired to Florida. George had suffered for some time with a burning needle sensation in his feet that progressed to numbness.

“Once, I lost a nail and didn’t realize I lost it because I couldn’t feel it,” George recalls. “It was also hard for me to walk any distance. I’m part of a team that works on a racecar, and every time we’d go to the track, the other guys would walk up to the line. I’d take the scooter because I couldn’t walk that far. I finally said, I’ve got to do something about this.”

“After starting the Neurogenx treatments, I got more feeling back,” continued George. “Now, I can feel the floor when I walk; before, I couldn’t. My wife used to tell me my feet were cold, but I didn’t know they were cold. I can feel that now. I’ve already gotten back at least eighty percent of the feeling in my feet, and it keeps getting better.”