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Most Common Causes of Neuropathy

By Brent Rubin, DPM
Medical Co-Director
Neurogenx NerveCenter of Sarasota

When a patient develops signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, it is important for their physician to determine the cause of the neuropathy.  This can be very simple in most cases however at other times the cause may be initially elusive.

I will discuss the 6 major causes of Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • The most common cause is Idiopathic Neuropathy. What this means is that after a complete history and examination no specific cause manifests so at that point a potential diagnosis of Idiopathic Neuropathy can be made.
  • The second most common cause is Diabetic Neuropathy.  This usually manifests after several years of being diagnosed with Diabetes.  That being many people do have symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy prior to being diagnosed.
  • The third most common cause is Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy. In all cases this is associated with a prior history of cancer with treatment via chemotherapy.
  • The other less common causes are as follows:   Alcoholic Induced Neuropathy which is self explanatory, several types of anemia and hypothyroidism.

This list is only some of the most common causes, that being said there are hundreds of other causes which are less frequent and in many  cases require a more extensive medical workup to diagnose.

Do You Have Neuropathy?

How Does a Person Know if They Have Neuropathy…

By Brent Rubin, DPM
Medical Co-Director
Neurogenx NerveCenter of Sarasota

If you have constant complaints in your hands and/or feet consisting burning, tingling, numbness, or heaviness, you could have neuropathy.

Neuropathy presents with many different symptoms.  It takes a thorough medical evaluation to determine if, in fact, you have neuropathy.  Furthermore, part of the examination process is to try and determine the type of neuropathy you have. It takes considerable medical knowledge to formulate a specific diagnosis based on your complaints and test results.  Sometimes it is quite obvious if you have associated medical conditions. However,  in many other cases, it not so obvious and additional testing may be required.

It is important to determine the cause of your neuropathy as it helps in our treatment of your condition. Here at the Neurogenx Center of Sarasota, we will try to determine the cause of your symptoms and further determine if you are a candidate for our innovative treatment to resolve the problem. Our treatment is a non-invasive/ non-medication protocol proven to actually resolve your condition, rather than just treat the symptoms.

If it would be beneficial to determine if you have neuropathy and you would like to learn about how to treat the disease in a non-painful/ non-invasive manner, call Neurogenx NerveCenter of Sarasota, FL at 844-356-3783 for a FREE CONSULTATION.