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Neuropathy Treatment That Works: Neurogenx NerveCenter of La Mesa in the News!

Dr. Bahreman – La Mesa, CA

Surgery-phobes (and you’re probably one of them), take heart. If you suffer from neuropathic symptoms or neuromuscular pain, you’ve got the option of a non-invasive treatment that proponents say is 87 percent effective.

“The concept is called electro-signal therapy or electromedical therapy,” says Dr. Amir Hassan Bahreman, Medical Director at the Neurogenx NerveCenter of La Mesa, part of a nationwide specialty healthcare network that has been open since October. The FDA-approved and patented Neurogenx™ Treatment employs high-frequency electronic signals that penetrate muscular tissue where pain and discomfort persist. According to the Neurogenx™ website, “The treatment creates changes at the body’s cellular level that reduce swelling, remove excess fluids and waste products, alter Ph levels and increase cellular metabolism.”

“Inflammation of the nerve is the major reason for nerve damage,” explains Bahreman, who is the only board-certified neurologist in San Diego County who offers this treatment as an alternative to narcotics or invasive surgery.

“With this technology, the (developers of Neurogenx™ Treatment) were able to prove that the inflammation can be reduced.” The ideal candidate for this treatment, he says, is a person suffering from peripheral nerve damage. It has also been successful for patients with diabetes, fibromyalgia and even vitamin deficiency. Treatment is not a one-time-only proposition. “You have to be committed to the program for it to be effective,” Bahreman stresses. That program generally entails 40-minute sessions twice a week for three months, all of it on an outpatient basis.

“The treatment success rate is very high,” says Bahreman, who has more than 14 years of experience in neurology and whose regular practice in the office is called the Neurological and Pain Institute. “We have seen day and night differences in many patients following treatment.”

Since some patients may be new to electromedical treatment or perhaps even wary about it, Bahreman offers complimentary consultations to each prospective new patient. Because patients come into the office so often during the treatment program, “they know us by name and ask us what’s going on in our lives, and we do the same,” says Eileen Craker, Bahreman’s physician liaison. “We want to create close, caring relationships with our patients.”

David L. Coddon
La Jolla Light Staff Writer