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However, even patients who have suffered from neuropathy for years have had their symptoms resolved or significantly improved with the Neurogenx treatment.

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Florham Park NerveCenter Opens February 20, 2017!

In a treatment milestone for New Jersey neuropathy patients, the Neurogenx NerveCenter of Florham Park will open its doors on February 20, 2017. One of a growing network of NerveCenters across the country, the Florham Park medical facility is a partnership between Jordan Steinberg, DPM, his business partner Stephen Shapiro and Neurogenx, the creators of an innovative nerve treatment program that has helped physicians end neuropathy pain for hundreds of patients.

Neuropathy is the tingling, burning, pain and numbness in feet and hands caused by nerve damage due to illness such as diabetes; chronic nerve conditions such as fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome; chemotherapy and trauma, among many other things. It affects nearly 30% of Americans over the age of 40. Traditionally difficult to treat, patients often go without relief for the painful symptoms. In worst-case scenarios, neuropathy can lead to chronic pain, sleeplessness, loss of balance, falls and injuries that don’t heal.

“Treatment with the Neurogenx Electromedical Technology changes all that,” said Dr. Steinberg, Medical Director of the Florham Park Neurogenx NerveCenter. “The treatment provides excellent long-term results for patients suffering from chronic nerve pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. My goal is to help patients get back to doing the activities they love without pain or dependency on medication. I look forward to using the Neurogenx Treatment to help patients find the relief they deserve and recover their lives, free from neuropathy symptoms.” Find out if the Neurogenx Treatment is right for you by calling Neurogenx NerveCenter of Florham Park, NJ 973-435-0707 for your free consultation and exam.