What Doctors Are Saying About Neurogenx

Relief From Neuropathy Symptoms

Neuropathy Treatment

The Neurogenx therapy is giving many of our patients a great amount of relief from their neuropathy symptoms, including numbness and pain.

Dr Darren Silvester

Improves Patients’ Quality Of Life

Neuropathy Treatment

The innovative Neurogenx treatment protocol using Combination Electrochemical Therapy (CET) has shown significant benefits in improving the quality of life in patients with peripheral neuropathy symptoms. The Neurogenx treatment has also been equally effective for patients with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Restless legs and Fibromyalgia.

Dr Seth Steber

Easing Neuropathy Is Possible

Neuropathy Treatment

I’m dismayed to regularly hear that… individuals suffering with neuropathy are told nothing can be done for it. That’s simply false. Neurogenx is an effective solution.

Dr Brandt Gibson

Trying to see all of the neuropathy patients is now my biggest problem!

Since I added Neurogenx therapies to my practice, I have had phenomenal success in a very short time.  Their turnkey methods are simple to implement and extremely effective.  When we started, we did not expect the number of patients that we eventually booked! Trying to see all of the neuropathy patients is now my biggest problem!

Kevin F. Sunshein, DPM
Neurogenx NerveCenter of Centerville, OH

A Critical Cornerstone In Treatment

Neuropathy Treatment

CET with Neurogenx is very effective… a critical cornerstone in treatment; it also helps patients after entrapment surgery because it dials into the peripheral nerve and combined with the peripheral nerve block, it works well.

Dr Stephen Barrett