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I had the third treatment and the pain had subsided.

I went here for my pain and throbbing in my feet. I had one treatment and I felt some relief. I had the second treatment and I had felt a little more relief. I had the third treatment and the pain had subsided.

I feel stronger…

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96VgJQBwwBE

I have been looking for a treatment that would work – small fiber neuropathy.

At night my pain level, I’d say a 9 or 10 it would really drive me crazy, but since starting the treatment I’d say it’s at about half of that it’s not perfect but it is far better than it has ever been and it is heading in the right direction that’s what I like about this whereas before they would mask the pain and that’s all those drugs did, when I stop the drugs then the pain started up again. It was really like I had no hope in sight, I went to several neurologists, several doctors and nobody had a solution for the problem.

After Neurogenx treatments, my balance is significantly better I can feel the bottom of my feet, I always felt something down there but I couldn’t really figure out what it was, it seemed like everything was mis wired and now I have a sensation where I can feel the touch, and that has really helped my balance, I have not been falling down stairs as frequently as I was before and that was a real issue I knew I was going to break something, the lack of proper wiring of your nerves if that’s the way to look at it, that a couple years back I stepped on a nail in the back yard and it went through the bottom and top of my foot and I didn’t feel it, it wasn’t until I took my shoes off later that I noticed there was a nail in my foot, so I pull the thing out it didn’t hurt at all but it made a bloody mess. It just kind of scares you to think that your nerves could be that mis wired where you really can’t feel things and it’s dangerous.

Neuropathy Treatment

The Better I Sleep At Night

When I came into the center I had a hard time sleeping at night, the toes and top of my feet burned. After my first visit I could tell some difference in the burning, and the more I come, the better I sleep at night.

I have recommended Neurogenx to many people.

I came to Neurogenx with pain in my legs,  and my feet and toes felt like I was walking on pins and needles.  The pain and tingling would wake me up at night.  My doctor prescribed Lyrica, but I could not tolerate it, so I had to stop.  Since I began the treatments, I rarely have the pins and needles sensation.  My leg pain has also improved.  I have improved over 70% and am very pleased with my treatments and the staff at Neurogenx.  I have recommended Neurogenx to many people.

Neuropathy Treatment

Less Pain & Less Medication

Prior to starting the Neurogenx treatment with my doctors, I was suffering with neuropathy in my legs and feet. I had suffered with this pain for ten years. I tried medications, but was unable to sleep without them. Once I started treatment, I was able to reduce the medication – I started sleeping better, my pain was reduced and I was able travel more! If you want to get off of your medications, you need to try the Neurogenx treatment.

I’m walking and enjoying my life again

…I’ve been in really bad shape. I got to the point where my legs were in constant pain, I couldn’t walk, and I was falling all of the time. I actually got to the point where I was using a cane and looking at getting a wheelchair. I called the number to Neurogenx looking for any kind of hope. And now I’m walking and enjoying my life again, and it’s because of the wonderful team at Neurogenx.

I’m feeling much better

My name is Olga, I’ve been doing Neurogenx treatments for a year now. When I came I was in a lot of pain. My feet, I couldn’t feel the bottom of them. I felt like I was always walking on cement. I started treatments and immediately I felt relief. The pain wasn’t as bad as it was. Every time I start feeling a little more pain I come back. I got my neuropathy from my chemo. I had breast cancer two years ago and the pain was too much, but now thanks to all my treatments and the beautiful people here I’m feeling much better.

The pain and tinging in my feet and legs is gone!

I have gone from taking 900 mg of Gabapentin to 300 mg a day within 3 weeks of treatment. Also, the pain and tinging in my feet and legs is gone!

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62NmNZYhZHs

I have walked without a cane!

I have been suffering from a severe, rare form of neuropathy for over three years…I have been to some of the best doctors and pain clinics in the country who have exhausted their resources to try and help me…I was a little reluctant to try this new Neurogenx because I was so depressed that nothing had helped me… the past three years I have relied on a cane or crutches, but as of last Wednesday, I have walked without a cane. I have been coming here now for going on four weeks and am thankful for all that you do here.

The strength in my legs has increased.

Hi, My name is Bobby, I’m a Neurogenx patient. I’ve completed about 22 treatments. I’m nearing the end and one of the biggest changes is my balance has increased considerably. The strength in my legs has increased. In fact after only about 6 treatments, I was able to walk much more easily on the beach through the sand then I was able to prior.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/J-zdOYAXaXk

Wheelchair-bound No More!

I had been wheelchair-bound since 2006.  Within one week of treatment I could get out of my wheelchair to my walker by myself, something I have not been able to do for years.  I am also sleeping like there is no tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what the future treatments bring.

Not only did you take the pain away – you filled my heart with love.

Just a small card but a great big THANK YOU to all you great people. Not only did you take the pain away – you filled my heart with love. Never have I ever in my 90 years, been treated like all of you did to me. Can’t wait to tell everyone I meet about you, your dedication, and kindness.

Neurogenx patient of Dr. Amir Bahreman, MD of La Mesa, CA

Over everything else I’ve tried, it’s been the best thing for me.

I’ve been suffering from neuropathy for  fifteen years probably, and the nerve damage has limited my life to basically just sleeping, eating, and working. And it’s been continually exhausted, and constant pain, lots of pain, uhm cause me to not have a life, and uhm so I started the neurogenx program couple months ago and  the first thing I noticed was I started sleeping better, I wouldn’t wake up every two and three hours waking up in pain, and I had trouble falling asleep because I was in pain, and I’d try and take something to fall asleep, so I noticed that the sleep differences, I could go to sleep for longer periods at a time and I also noticed I didn’t have to take anything to fall asleep when it was time to go to bed I fell right asleep also I noticed  that I was able to  be more productive through the day. I work the night shift and that use to wear me out completely, after I’d get home at seven o’clock in the morning I’d  pretty much be so tired and exhausted throughout the day. Whereas now I’m able to get up after five hours of sleep. I’d drive into town and meet with people, go to events, and I’m not falling asleep in the middle of whatever I’m there for. I’m able to converse with people without zoning out because I’m so tired, also I’ve just noticed the pain within it’s self has lowered without being intense and burning sensations have been limited to just a couple times throughout the past couple weeks. Where I used to get them at least once a day, so the difference has been overwhelming over everything else I’ve tried, it’s been the best thing for me.

Neurogenx has really helped me.

Before I came to Neurogenx, I had burning and numbness in my feet and legs. My hands had tingling, numbness and swelling. I had difficulty walking, standing for a long period of time and at times couldn’t pick up a piece of paper. I couldn’t do my favorite past time – sewing. After four weeks, the burning in my legs is gone – most of the numbness is gone – I can go on walks with my husband – I can walk up and down stairs. I feel the bottoms of my feet and my toes! Best of all, I can sew without my hands hurting! I’m also looking forward to being pill free! Neurogenx has really helped me.

A great asset to my health!

In 2014 I had 3 foot surgeries. I had a hammer toe a mallet toe on my left foot and a bunion on my right foot. The surgeries were several month apart. I went back to work about a year after I had the first surgery. I had a lot of pain and problems with balance. I have pins in 4 of my toes all the way through to the end. But since I’ve been here and had  treatments I’ve noticed a lot less pain and I think my balance is better. I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone here and I think it’s been a great asset to my health.

After completing my treatments at Neurogenx, all the pain is gone.

I had several issues when I came to Neurogenx- one was pain in my back from my sciatic nerve, a bulging disk in my back, and the other was pain in my hip all the way down to my left foot from an accident about 6 months before.   The pain in my legs was so bad, when I stood up I was always worried that I couldn’t hold my weight and my knees would buckle.  Now after completing my treatments at Neurogenx, all the pain is gone.   I have not had to take any medication for pain in over 3 weeks.

I can feel my feet when I walk.

When I came to Neurogenx, my feet were numb and my balance was real bad….as far as the numbness is concerned, it is definitely a lot better.  I can feel my feet when I walk.  I can even tell cold versus hot and tile versus carpet.  And I can feel my gas pedal now, which I couldn’t feel for a couple of years.

My feet are no longer cold and I have little to no tingling sensations!

I started experiencing peripheral neuropathy approximately fifteen years ago.  I started treatment with the Neurogenx 4000PRO approximately three weeks ago and now I can feel my feet and legs for the first time in almost 15 years.  My feet are no longer cold and I have little to no tingling sensations.  The Neurogenx treatments have greatly improved my quality of life.

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