Do You Suffer From:

  • Pins and needles?
  • Burning leg pain?
  • Burning foot pain?
  • Numbness?
  • Difficulty walking or loss of balance due to numbness?
  • Sharp, stabbing or electric-like pains in your feet or legs?
  • Cold-feeling feet and legs?
  • Inability to sleep due to painful feet?
  • Even no pain at all?

WE CAN HELP. Neurogenx has restorative results in more than 4 out of 5 patients!

Neuropathy Treatment

Medical Neuropathy Treatment

FDA Cleared, Clinically-Proven Effective

The Neurogenx NerveCenter offers a proven, safe and effective treatment for patients who suffer from most forms of chronic pain and neuropathy. As a NerveCenter offering this cutting-edge treatment, we are committed to providing effective pain relief and restoring overall nerve health.

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Treatment with Neurogenx is FDA-cleared and clinically-proven as an effective treatment for nerve pain in the arms, hands, legs and feet.

Just Relief

NO Pills – NO Physical Therapy – NO Pain Management – NO Surgery

87% Success Rate

Our goal is to help you regain improved sensation, range of motion and balance while walking, exercising, typing or writing – so you can get back to enjoying life.

What Our Patients Are Saying:

…I’ve been in really bad shape. I got to the point where my legs were in constant pain, I couldn’t walk, and I was falling all of the time. I actually got to the point where I was using a cane and looking at getting a wheelchair. I called the number to Neurogenx looking for any kind of hope. And now I’m walking and enjoying my life again, and it’s because of the wonderful team at Neurogenx.

When I came to Neurogenx, my feet were numb and my balance was real bad….as far as the numbness is concerned, it is definitely a lot better.  I can feel my feet when I walk.  I can even tell cold versus hot and tile versus carpet.  And I can feel my gas pedal now, which I couldn’t feel for a couple of years.

Before I started taking treatments here at Neurogenx my neuropathy in my arms, hands, legs, and feet was extremely painful and debilitating….medication was not working.  When I first met with my doctor, he asked me what I wanted to get out of the treatments.  I didn’t really know; however, looking back, if I had answered I would have said: to walk without the use of a cane, get a full night’s sleep, return to work, and have a better quality of life each day without pain.  Those would have been my goals, and we have met them.  The people here have helped make my life livable again!  Thank you!

I had several issues when I came to Neurogenx- one was pain in my back from my sciatic nerve, a bulging disk in my back, and the other was pain in my hip all the way down to my left foot from an accident about 6 months before.   The pain in my legs was so bad, when I stood up I was always worried that I couldn’t hold my weight and my knees would buckle.  Now after completing my treatments at Neurogenx, all the pain is gone.   I have not had to take any medication for pain in over 3 weeks.


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With more than 21 years of medical experience, Dr. O’Connor is board certified in both foot surgery and rear foot & reconstructive surgery. In addition to being a skilled surgeon who provides comprehensive foot care, Dr. O’Connor is also a compassionate physician who specializes in neuropathy treatment, wound care and diabetic foot care. Learn more…

Our entire staff is committed to helping you improve the wellbeing of your patients who are struggling with peripheral neuropathy. We are certified experts in the restorative Neurogenx Electronic Signal Technology. This treatment model helps resolve nerve pain, numbness, tingling, etc. without the use of  pharmaceuticals. Learn more…

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