The Spring edition of the Pinellas Health Care News a special article about Neurogenx patient George Potprocky, a career firefighter who retired to Florida. George had suffered for some time with a burning needle sensation in his feet that progressed to numbness.

“Once, I lost a nail and didn’t realize I lost it because I couldn’t feel it,” George recalls. “It was also hard for me to walk any distance. I’m part of a team that works on a racecar, and every time we’d go to the track, the other guys would walk up to the line. I’d take the scooter because I couldn’t walk that far. I finally said, I’ve got to do something about this.”

“After starting the Neurogenx treatments, I got more feeling back,” continued George. “Now, I can feel the floor when I walk; before, I couldn’t. My wife used to tell me my feet were cold, but I didn’t know they were cold. I can feel that now. I’ve already gotten back at least eighty percent of the feeling in my feet, and it keeps getting better.”


George appreciates the staff at Neurogenx Nerve Center, but recognizes his own role in the treatment process. He is so committed to his care, he drives 26 miles from Dunedin to St. Petersburg for his sessions. “My feet feel great! I’m glad I went to Neurogenx NerveCenter. I would definitely recommend them and their treatment!”

Congratulations, George! We’re glad we could help!